Pulling Cars: The Hows and the Whys.

Our "reserved" spot at the Ada McDonald's. You don't even have to park your car--just pull straight forward.

Our “reserved” spot at the Ada McDonald’s. You don’t even have to park your car–just pull straight forward.

You’ve ordered your food and paid for it. When you get to the window, you can’t wait to get your hands on those crispy fries.

But they’re not ready yet. The employee at the window has asked you to pull forward into the designated parking spot and wait until someone brings them out to you.

While this can be discouraging (obviously the goal is to have your food ready when you arrive at the window), it’s actually a strategic move to ensure we keep our business going, even when the food isn’t ripe.

Each food item has a different assembly time. Obviously, an ice cream cone will take much less time to make than seven Big Macs. The drive-thru is a single-file line, so we have to improvise to assure smooth operations despite the vastly different times for food preparation.

If you’re asked to pull forward, fear not! We haven’t forgotten about you. “Pulling” you isn’t something we do in order to “ignore” you or “forget” about you. In reality, it’s quite different. Extra attention is paid to orders which are on hold, because they are first in line to receive the food when it comes out of the vat, or off the grill. And, you receive a friendly delivery right to your car window.

Look at you, you lucky bug!

Sitting in your car twiddling your thumbs may not be the ideal situation you envisioned when you decided to go on a Friday night McDonald’s excursion. But I challenge you to stay positive.

Be respectful of the way this “pulling” system works. If you’re asked to pull forward, do so willingly and gratefully. It’s a procedure that makes the restaurant run—it’s nothing personal. There may be someone behind you who only ordered a drink. Do you think it’s fair to make them wait for your food to be ready?

The system will only work if there are crew to implement the procedures, and customers to cooperate with them.  


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